Polka Dot and Zebra Stripes Napkin Rings

Item Description

Imagine these on a lace tablecloth! But a kitchen island or buffet could look oh-so-sassy too. Large white polka dots on black background and zebra striped streamers. Nontraditional design set of 8 hand weaved beaded napkin rings.

But these napkin rings have eyelets holes and you can easily switch out these streamers and use any desired color. You can even run a bride's colors or house warming colors thru them. Multiple colors of thin ribbons maybe? Tie trinkets on your streamers? See more tips below.

Napkin rings are a charming touch that has migrated to the buffet tray from the formal table. Guests will not inadvertently pick up more than one. Place a small bowl or dish near napkins tray to collect the rings.

Slide a fork in with the napkin. Guests can pick up a wine glass with napkin and fork on their way to a seat. You can circulate filling wine glasses and chatting while guests stab nibbles from the coffee table.

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