Dancing in the Light Meditation Tealight Holder

Item Description

Meditation Tealight Holder with Peyote Beaded Sleeve

Over one thousand seed sized glass beads hand weaved. This meditation candle holder is for tealights only.   Comes with gift box and tealight candle.

White background beads with black stick figures in various dance poses circling round.
My intent was for celebrations of birthdays or the seasons of lights: Christmas, Hanukkah, Equinox, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Santa Lucia Day, and Lunar New Year. But even without the flame this will bring a giggle.

The tealight holder and sleeve is 1 ½ inches tall and for tea lights only.

How to Use With Caution:
Always support the bottom when lifting.
To protect the beads when lighting, place finger under holder and push up the glass tealight holder. After lighting candle in glass holder, settle holder with lit candle back into beaded sleeve, securing with finger on the bottom. 

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