Applique Quilt Pattern Style Bracelet

Item Description

Back in time unlike today, quilts were for warmth. They were beautiful and valued but you could sit on them on the bed. Especially guests. You could wrap them around you. Or put the baby on them on the floor, clean and safe because what is already down can not fall down.  
My planned series of quilt patterns in beads is a reminder of those warm and warming comforts. 
For quilt enthusiasts or bohemian stylists.   

My approach was to mimic the pieced quilt and borders. That all important triangle element of quilts is stitched atop squares. Tiny black beads imitate the hand stitching of the quilter. The puffy buttons are squares of weaved beads, tied in the quilt style of simply knotted thread ties. Neutral gray colors with small dots of accent colors in some triangles. 

2 and 1/4 inches wide by 9 and 1/4 inches long. Can be pushed up the forearm and many bracelets layered on your wrist.  

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